Mobility as we know it is changing and driven by a range of new developments.

Alternative Vehicles

The is a real current focus on alternative fuels for vehicles and although these vehicles only currently make up 5% of the vehicle market numbers are expected to rise significantly over the next 5 years.

Changing Demographics

Research shows that the younger generation are less inclined to drive, and there has been a rise in car sharing, carpooling and on demand services through app-based services. These identify the cheapest and most effective way to travel utilising all forms of transportation. It is unclear whether this generation will continue or whether there will be an increase in private car ownership especially following the COVID 19 outbreak.

Digital Trends

New technology will continue to have a major impact, and the power of smartphones that has enabled keyless car technology, carpooling and car booking is only the beginning of adaptive travel. Travellers are beginning to be fully connected, allowing quick and easy travel between destinations.

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