At Road Safety Law and Fleet Management Solutions Ltd we can help you to put your vehicle fleet back on the road or continue its use through a risk assessed processes to reduce the risk around COVID 19 to your workforce.

  • Drivers – Supporting drivers to adjust to new road conditions as people look to avoid public transport and use their cars instead. Introducing new policies and practices around vehicle cleanliness and ensuring drivers are fit and well to drive, ensuring systems documenting employee awareness and compliance are in place.
  • Managers – Putting in place systems that enable managers to effectively address the new demands and requirements presented by COVID 19 on their day to day work when utilising vehicles for work.
  • Mobility Solutions – The impact of COVID 19 may have presented a mindset change in business mobility solutions for your company. Contact Road Safety Law and Fleet Management Solutions Ltd and we can discuss the options for business mobility now and in the future to help your company