Fitting telematics to your company vehicles can provide significant benefits from protecting your drivers to reducing costs.

Vehicle telematics can have an impact on two main areas of a company’s Fleet Strategy. Firstly, that of reducing Occupational Road Risk through the monitoring of the driver, vehicle locations, drivers hours, fatigue monitoring, the way company vehicles are driven and completing vehicle checks.

Secondly though the reduction of vehicle fleet costs such as fuel, vehicle damage, insurance, accident claims and the better use of resources.

The Business Case

Often the business case for telematics can seem a significant investment, until it is really understood, the benefits from fitting a tailored solution to your fleet.

There are many areas where telematics can have an impact on a business but there are some that stand out as potentially offering significant cost savings.

  • Reduce Insurance premiums
  • Compliance with the law-ensuring you meet your duty of care
  • A reduction in fuel costs
  • Accident reduction whilst driving
  • A reduction in maintenance costs
  • Identifying your riskiest drivers allowing them to be retrained
  • Identify underused assets and optimising your fleet
  • Reducing your carbon footprint


Unsafe driving can have a significant impact on a company, through accident management and vehicle repair, reputational damage, asset write off costs and the loss of resources. Telematics can provide significant safety information on engine diagnostics, the wearing of seatbelts how a driver is performing and can provide in-cab coaching to the driver, as well as assisting with accident investigation

Fleet telematics refers to the technology that provides businesses with all the data they can use to effectively manage their fleet and drivers. This can include GPS technology, sensors and vehicle engine data. This information is stored in a telematics device and transmitted to a secure server, which central operators can see. Benefits of fleet telematics include:

Tracking Your Vehicles

Keeping track of your vehicles and their drivers. Utilising telematics you will know exactly where your vehicles are at all times. Modern telematics means you can even tell if the vehicle has been involved in a minor accident whilst parked or even if a door has been left open.

Reducing Costs

Telematics allow the optimisation of a journey and therefore reduce fuel costs and wear to the vehicle and tyres. Monitoring driver and vehicle information can also alter driver behaviour making them drive more carefully and considerately.

Managing Driver Performance

Telematics can enable you to monitor and analyse driving hours, acceleration, breaking and sharp cornering. It can also help with ensuring drivers are maintaining their driver hours, assist with fatigue, prevent aggressive driving, and ensure driving is undertaken conforming to company policies. Managing drivers utilising this information, can reduce accidents, speeding fines, and reputational damage.

Occasionally company drivers feel that telematics are over intrusive. This can be overcome by demonstrating the safety features attached to the system as well as rewarding good driving in the company.

Customer Service

Your vehicles represent your company’s image when driving on the roads. Aggressive drivers and speeding vehicles represent not only significant risk to other road users but also to your company’s reputation and image.

Being able to give your customers accurate information on arrival times of their goods provides a more professional image of your company. You can also allow your clients to track your vehicles.

Using telematic data can decrease costs, reduce service maintenance and repair costs, increasing your vehicle availability and reducing downtime time, improving the service you can give to your customers.


It is an unfortunate statistic that at least one in three (31%) fatal crashes and one in four (26%) serious injury crashes in Britain involve someone driving for work.

Vehicles used for work purposes or that are branded, involved in accidents are often involved in disputes or scams regarding road traffic collisions. Fitting camera’s along with telematics systems can greatly influence a positive outcome for your company regarding any disputes.