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Minimise Risk and Ensure Compliance

Introduction to our Occupational Road Risk Services

Many businesses especially ones that are growing are not aware that they must comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act and Management of Health and Safety in the Workplace regulations regarding Occupational Road Risk in the workplace. We specialise in helping clients to be compliant with the law and the various road and vehicle safety legislation that impacts on the workplace, through occupational road risk assessments and policies.

A cost effective and safe vehicle fleet stems from a robust and compliant Occupational Road Risk policy and risk assessment, which puts safety at the heart of fleet management decision making. We are experts at working with companies to complete an Occupational Road Risk Assessment and developing a subsequent action plan for compliance. We then help you to formulate your company road safety policies, including your car and commercial fleets.






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Adopting an Occupational Road Risk policy will protect your employees but also reduce costs which stem from damage repairs, maintenance costs, fleet insurance, fuel and emissions.

In the long term not only will you make your business safer and stronger but as your business develops it can grow in the most cost effective and carbon efficient way. Contact us today at Road Safety Law and Fleet Management Solutions Ltd and find out how we can improve and protect your business.





RSL Compliance support companies in developing their risk assessment, action plan, road safety and company car fleet policies.

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Our Services in Detail

Ensuring that your fleet fully complies with the law can seem like a never-ending task. MOT's, driver checks, insurance and defect reports are just some of the things that you need to stay on top of. The law constantly changes as does the market, but Road Safety Law and Fleet Management Solutions Ltd can make sure that your company is both protected and cost-effective. We will conduct a full analysis of your operations, identify where the gaps are and implement the measures that will safeguard your business and protect your employees.


  • Carry out a full gap analysis risk assessment and subsequent action plan so that companies can achieve compliance and duty of care
  • Support companies in writing specific Occupational Road Risk policies as well as hybrid, grey fleet, electric and alternative fuel fleet policies
  • Develop key performance indicators for occupational road risk and fleet management that can be utilised to monitor performance and continually reduce costs
  • Provide fleet risk assessments to ensure safety around COVID-19 and other hazardous materials

  • Provide training to senior managers, managers, supervisors, and drivers around Occupational Road Risk compliance and the benefits to the company
  • Assist with supply chain management ensuring Occupational Road Risk compliance with all partner organisations
  • Develop induction programmes for new drivers to ensure compliance before they drive for your company
  • Driving licence checking solutions
  • Drivers handbooks