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Introduction to Our Training Services

To support compliance around Occupational Road Risk and ensure that everyone in your organisation is aware of their responsibilities is by providing effective training. Road Safety Law and Fleet Management Solutions Ltd can provide a range of training programmes for all employees from people who drive every day for work purposes, to your board of directors.

Our training programmes will help you to reduce risk, accidents involving your vehicle fleet and impact on maintenance costs. You will meet your legal obligations and this in turn will protect your business.



Road Safety Compliance for
Senior Managers

Training for senior managers will develop their skills to implement an effective Occupational Road Risk strategy aligned to the company business plan. The course outlines the responsibilities under the law that senior managers and companies must comply to protect the company from being prosecuted following a road traffic accident or incident.

Occupational Road Risk and
Fleet Administration

Our comprehensive road safety and fleet administration training programme will provide your business with the knowledge to develop an effective strategy. Your organisation will be given all the tools that will enable you to reduce paperwork, reduce the risks of accidents and decrease your costs. Training will ensure that your business is not only protected but more prepared for the future.

Road Safety and Fleet Compliance for Managers and the Workforce

Health and safety legislation require that employers take the appropriate steps to ensure that employees are protected. There will always be risks when driving, but this can be significantly reduced through effective training.





We can provide training and presentations to senior managers, supervisors and drivers around road safety compliance and efficient fleet management

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